Registration and License

...advise the Registrar on issues related to the regulation of pharmaceutical care provision through regular policy reviews, planning, investigation of complaints, enforcement of standards...

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To ensure that premises and individuals are licensed in accordance with laid down regulations and also enforce decisions of Pharmacy Council through proper screening of applications/applicants and timely communication of Pharmacy Council decisions to the affected applicants/individuals.

Functions of the Department

  • Provide timely, up-to-date and relevant technical advice on registration and licensing issues to the Registrar, other Deputy Registrars and Regional Managers of the Pharmacy Council.
  • Monitor and ensure timely processing of registration and renewal applications.
  • Ensure the certification and re-certification of pharmacists and other pharmaceutical care providers.
  • Collate, screen and manage the inventories of all documents for registration and renewal of licences.
  • Prepare working documents and plan work schedules for Registration Committee.
  • Co-ordinate and ensure effective implementation of decisions and recommendations of Pharmacy Council and its committees.
  • Keep and update records on regulations on registration and licensing.
  • Ensure the availability of application documents and blank licences/certificates.
  • Conduct special investigative inspections.
  • Provide timely, up-to-date and relevant technical advice to the Registrar.
  • Prepare and submit periodic reports on the activities of the unit on time to the Registrar.
  • Ensure the appropriate collection, storage, processing and utilisation of data in the department to inform management and decisions.
  • Initiate the development and ensure the implementation of policies/innovations that improve the quality of registration and licensing in accordance with Pharmacy Council requirements.
  • Ensure the comfort of clients at the Pharmacy Council at all time and they should be handled with dignity and respect, and provided with relevant information to enhance whatever outcomes they desire.